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Take a Journey Down The Viral Spiral

by Debbie Saslaw, Editor/Motion Graphics Artist on January 13, 2012 · 3 comments

Viral Spiral

When we’re not planking or flying mechanical sharks around the office, Magnet’s post-production staff is busy cranking out fun videos on topics ranging from Pet Resorts to Corporate Data Protection. But weaving our producers’ footage into marketing gold is not always an easy task, and such intense labor is often rewarded with a lengthy bit of Youtube trolling.

With the speed and intensity of Michael Scott after drinking a 32oz Red Bull, I’m constantly sending links to the rest of the staff. All too often, my finds are ignored, spiraling down into a sad internet wasteland. I call this: THE VIRAL SPIRAL.

So in this new series, in a feeble attempt to justify the amount of time I waste during the workday, I’ll share my top 10 videos with an audience that is (hopefully) larger than my gchat contacts list. And then I’ll go back to work. I promise ….

Are Reptile Videos the Cat Videos of 2012?

If this is a marketing ploy to bring Kix cereal back from the 90s, I don’t care. Because it’s an Iguana. AN IGUANA EATING CEREAL.

My Future Children Are Doomed

When (heaven forbid) I reproduce and add tiny Debs to this already warped world of ours, I will create an entire YouTube channel dedicated to my child’s distasteful reactions to healthy foods.

More Grade-A Parenting from Down Under

This Australian Dad pits his tiny daughter against her own mother while forcing her to answer inane questions. However, he gets major brownie points for using the Law & Order chime to kick things off.

Once again, I encourage every parent to keep shoving cameras in their children’s faces.

Clever Editing Tactic That Never Gets Old

As an editor, I love nothing more than a movie trailer mashup. So when some genius re-cut Christopher Nolan’s newest addition to the Batman franchise using scenes from The Lion King, I was both thrilled and insanely jealous that I didn’t come up with this idea myself.

A Video That’s Funny in My World and Probably Nobody Else’s

I love when YouTubers make earnest slideshows dedicated to celebrity children. It’s as if SCubLover89 thinks Angelina will see this montage and play it at Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s Sweet Sixteen.

I Wish I Had This Kind of Time

If I didn’t have a job at Magnet, I’d probably be editing videos like this masterpiece.

Crucial Discovery from our Post-Production Assistant

Aside from doing a killer job of putting up with our day-to-day antics in the Magnet Media Post-Production Quad, our assistant Dan is always finding the coolest gadgets on the internets. My jaw fell to the floor when I realized I didn’t have to spend half of my daily commute untangling my iPhone’s earbuds.

Exciting Meme Revival

Remember the literal music video set to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart” from like, 2008? If you don’t, I don’t blame you because 2008 might as well be 45 Internet years ago. Even if you’re not a total nerdball who watches Doctor Who (and I’m guilty as charged), you’ll still appreciate this much-needed literal music video parody.

A Meme That Needs to Die (But Not Until After You’ve Watched This Variation)

The entire Internet agrees that ‘Sh*t Girls Say‘ has been beaten like a dead horse and while I really shouldn’t be perpetuating this meme, I had to post this because it was hands-down the #1 funniest video of the week. Nobody likes Boost Mobile, or ‘Whitney.’ IT’S FUNNY CUZ IT’S TRUE!

Obligatory Cuteness for your Friday

Would you look at that. A crow, sledding. That’s all.

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Debbie SaslawDebbie Saslaw makes up 1/2 of Magnet Media’s post-production staff and doubles as the company’s resident expert on Internet culture. She also edits a weekly supercut for Slacktory and her viral videos have garnered more than 1 million hits after appearing on sites such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost Comedy, Uproxx,, and The Daily What.

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