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The Viral Spiral: The Dream of the 90's is Alive in Israel

by Debbie Saslaw, Editor/Motion Graphics Artist on March 9, 2012 · 0 comments

The Viral Spiral

The Viral Spiral comes to you each week from The Saslaw Command Center

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Magnet Media’s resident Internet culture expert, Debbie Saslaw, to share her picks for the best viral videos of the week.

Best Guacamole Recipe 

I’ve probably sent this video to every living, breathing human I know, but in case you missed it, the stop-motion artist known as Pes has created a follow-up to Western Spaghetti, which was a viral sensation back in 2008 (is the phrase “viral sensation” redundant?). Warning: you will be craving guacamole and/or a game of poker in about two minutes.

Best Use of Subtitles 

Have you ever watched a classic film and wondered what it would sound like if the dialogue were replaced with a more modern form of Brospeak? Well, look no further than this YouTube gem.

Best Use of a Green Screen

Supreme Ruler and the other half of our post-production staff Sara Kinney uncovered this gem from the late 80’s/early 90’s. If you haven’t seen the music video for B-52’s “Roam,” prepare to be amazed/appalled, depending on your tolerance for cheesy graphics.

Best History Lesson

Since I’m the #1 biggest nerd ever, I will gladly admit that this video combines two of my favorite things on the planet: PBS Documentaries and Animated Gifs.

Best Way To Get This Writer To Care About Sports

I’m assuming the Minnesota Timbertrolls are a basketball team, but what’s more important is that this video of said Timbertrolls mimics the credits of Family Members. Bonus points for anyone (else) who knows the artist who sings this classic theme song! (NO GOOGLING!)

Best Fresh Prince

While “The Fresh Prince of Downton” came two weeks late and was not included in my Downton meme roundup, this Fresh Prince/Downton mashup is this week’s second ode to sitcoms from the 90’s.

Best Campaign Song

I’d like to think that Israeli President Shimon Peres came up with the idea to record a dance track himself, but I’m pretty sure my theory is 100% wrong. Either way, I’m totally friending him on Facebook.

Best App Ad

After watching the first five seconds of this commercial, I almost ditched my beloved iPhone for a Droid just so I could support whatever creative geniuses came up with this marketing scheme. (I’m just kidding. I would never do such a thing. But still, kudos to Winamp for Android!)

Best Ego Blaster

Every single contestant on what I’d like to call “The American Voice Idol” has a unique, special voice, and New York Magazine’s Vulture has the Supercut to prove it.

Best Snowboarding Opossum

Look! It’s a cross between two of my favorite Viral Spiral veterans, Sweater-clad Sloth and Sledding Crow! 

See any other great viral videos this week? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Debbie SaslawDebbie Saslaw makes up 1/2 of Magnet Media’s post-production staff and doubles as the company’s resident expert on Internet culture. She also edits a weekly supercut for Slacktory and her viral videos have garnered more than 1 million hits after appearing on sites such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost Comedy, Uproxx,, and The Daily What.

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