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The Viral Spiral: Warren Buffett, Flying Rollercoasters & Sad French Bulldogs

by Debbie Saslaw, Editor/Motion Graphics Artist on February 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Viral Spiral

Friday has come yet again, and we’re all still here. And that means it’s time for Magnet’s “resident Internet culture expert” Debbie Saslaw to run down her picks for the week’s best viral videos in “The Viral Spiral.”

Best Interactive Adventure

British comedian John Robertson leads viewers through YouTube’s version of that Choose Your Own Adventure series from the 90s. I know a lot of folks are using YouTube annotations to make these kinds of interactive series, but the simplicity of Robertson’s concept was enough to send me deep into “Dark Room” #spiral.

Best Interactive Music Video

Kudos to all the underground artists who are finding new ways to let fans interact with video! This 3D music video for Tanlines’ “Brothers” gets me pretty excited for a new album from one of the best electronic bands out there.

Watch it over at:

Best Rich White Guy

What better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year (or any holiday, for that matter) than by watching Warren Buffett play “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” on a ukelele?

Best New Dubstep Kitty

I know, I know, I already posted a video of a dubstep kitty! This one came via our CEO, Megan Cunningham, who found this after I failed to properly explain exactly what “dubstep” is. Once again, Internet cats hold the answers to all of life’s important questions.

Best Field Trip

Someone turned the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina into an amusement park and immediately made me want to break out my copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Best Promotional Material

NBC decided to take a viral approach when promoting what may or may not be the 67th season of Celebrity Apprentice. This video of C-listers repeating the phrase “Under the Bus” is pretty great, but the creepy, tinny version of “The Wheels on the Bus” that plays in the background makes the supercut 10x better.

Best Dogs in Love

No dogs were harmed making this Lady and the Tramp reenactment, but the King Charles Cavalier at 00:30 does look a little perplexed.

Best Lonely Dog

This dog probably just watched the previous video and decided to descend into an emotional Adele spiral.

Best Drum Set for Dolls

Some talented drummer churns out an epic drum solo on a set that could fit in the palm of my hand. Will YouTubers ever run out of unusual talents?

Best Shameless Self Promotion

To commemorate the passing of one of my favorite divas of all time, I edited a supercut of amateur covers of “I Will Always Love You.” While this hasn’t exactly “gone viral,” I figured I’d share it anyway—just in case you wanted to cry over Whitney Houston one more time.

See any other great viral videos this weel? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Debbie SaslawDebbie Saslaw makes up 1/2 of Magnet Media’s post-production staff and doubles as the company’s resident expert on Internet culture. She also edits a weekly supercut for Slacktory and her viral videos have garnered more than 1 million hits after appearing on sites such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost Comedy, Uproxx,, and The Daily What.

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